Thursday, 17 July 2014

The maturity game…

 A choice is made, maturity, closely linked to purity It is ongoing, call it perpetuity. Hard as it is, I have learn to do it with ease Enduring the squeeze, it’s costly, just like my fees. A decision l made when I was nineteen, the day I stopped being a teen A lot have l seen, place, mountains, I have been. My life has never been the same, with strict rules; you swear it’s become a tactical game An insurer’s game they say, one which has no pay, at the end of a particular day Going against the wind is hard, especially if the road you are on is tarred and barred and will only leave you scarred. At 20, my little sister called me baba, and I could do nothing but help my mama And sustain the strain I felt as l watched my mother cry in pain and in vain Writing has become my sole expression as l try to ease the tension The little light in me continues to burn as l take on life, l am not prepared to turn. Where I am going, only God knows Because He’s blessings and mercies are all that shows. Indeed it’s a maturity game Where a choice is made closely linked to purity, It is ongoing, call it perpetuity.

-Collin Banda

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