Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sadza and beans

By Ronald Moyo

A plate full of nothing. Why do we have to ingest such a obscure pulp of white liquidated corn powder with the stomach rumbling gas producing tiny kidney shaped source of protein yet again? i ask.

The plate might as well have nothing. but what is nothing?, someone took their time to prepare this, someones body used its glycogen in a factory motion, burning up its resources upon lifting the empty pot and putting the sun enriched white powder in it, in hope of feeding not just its own mouth but the empty mouth, with only saliva as its resident lazing on the comfort of a tongue eager to excite its tastebuds.

 In flows the God given resource necessary for life, heat applied, glycogen further burns stirring the arms already tired from a hard days work in an effort to empty the pockets of its various currencies to purchase the unliked but necessary white starched carbohydrate.

The kidney shaped tiny vegetables boil on the side. the sounds make a symphony that pleases the ear of the body that worked and the scent of the food excites the nostrils of the mouths to be fed. truly there has to be something that is going to empty these pots onto the plate, the mind about to eat it would prefer a fast mass produced meal and view this as nothing. but truly all this being emptied is going to fill something with the result of giving it life, life... the most precious gift one can have.

The solidified white end product is emptied from its otherwise cold plate, warming the heart of the body that worked to make it. so much meaning ingested, the plate is worthless now, it truly is full nothing without this, the stomach is full on meaning. you dont need to eat a 5 star meal, it means nothing when compared to the most basic meal made at home.

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